Portable charger for IPhone

Today it is rare to find a person who does not have a mobile phone. Almost everyone uses them – schoolchildren, retirees, and of course young people and middle-aged people.

And every person who uses a modern gadget – an IPhone, or any other smartphone, laptop, etc., is faced with the need for fast portable charging of his device. In economy mode, almost any smartphone can withstand 12-14 hours without recharging, and if you use it actively, it will be half as much.

A portable charger, or an external battery, or a power bank can extend the operating time of your smartphone two to three times. This is especially true for those who:

  • often and for a long time talks on the phone
  • performs any work using a smartphone or laptop
  • likes to travel, relax in places where there is no way to recharge the phone from the mains
  • spends a lot of time on public transport and all this time actively uses his smartphone.

To buy a reliable and durable portable charger that will meet all your requirements, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

Battery type

Now batteries are produced in two types – lithium-ion and lithium-polymer. The former are more popular due to their low cost, but at the same time they are less durable, they do not tolerate high temperatures well, and can even catch fire when overheated. Lithium-polymer batteries are more capacious, they are not afraid of overheating, more compact, but their price is much higher than that of lithium-ion batteries.

Battery capacity

This indicator determines how many times you can charge your IPhone or laptop from this powerbank without recharging it. Capacity is measured in milliamperes – hours. The most popular portable charger models have capacities ranging from 5000 mAh to 20,000 mAh.

USB ports

Depending on the capacity, a portable charger for iphone can have one, two or more ports with which you can charge your gadgets. Portable iPhone chargers with MagSafe wireless charging are also gaining popularity.

Also, your choice of fast charging for the IPhone may be influenced by other parameters, such as additional equipment with various cables and mounting devices, the presence of a flashlight, a charge indicator or an LCD monitor (in more expensive models).

Your best bet is to buy a portable charger for your iPhone from a well-known and trusted brand. Reputable manufacturers always equip their devices with an overheating or overcharging protection system.

High-quality and reliable portable chargers are now produced by companies such as Xiaomi, Nokia, Baseus, Apple. Apple, founded in 1976, is still one of the leaders in the production of portable chargers for the IPhone and smartphones. Powerbanks of this brand are annually included in the top of the best portable chargers.

We bring to your attention a review of the best portable chargers for the iPhone 2021

ZMI QB 810

One of the most budgetary models, but at the same time it is equipped with the minimum set of necessary functions. Has a 10000 mAh battery, fast charging function, led – battery indicator. There is also a pass-through charging function – you can simultaneously charge both the powerbank itself and the smartphone from it. Looks very stylish – a glossy shockproof plastic case with matte inserts on the sides, available in black, white, and blue. A small disadvantage of this model is that the body quickly gets dirty and loses its attractive appearance.

Baseus Mini JA 30000 mAh

This model is equipped with a sufficiently capacious battery, it can charge 2 devices at the same time, including a laptop, there is a fast charging function. The body is made of glossy shock-resistant plastic, black or white. With its capacity, it is a fairly compact model that easily fits into a pocket. There is protection against overheating and short circuit.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro

Powerbanks from Xiaomi are traditionally included in the list of the best portable chargers due to the optimal ratio of price and quality. This powerbank is made of beautiful black matte plastic, has a capacity of 20000mAh, and is designed to charge three devices at the same time. Among the disadvantages is a rather large weight, almost 400g.

Also, the Chinese company Xiaomi announced the release of the Xiaomi Mi HyperSonic Power Bank charging. The novelty has a capacity of 20,000 mAh and is equipped with three USB ports at once. The model can charge not only smartphones, but also 45W laptops. This fast portable charger will charge your smartphone with 4500 mAh battery in just 1 hour. The design of the novelty is minimalistic and very attractive – a matte black case made of high quality plastic. Due to its characteristics, the model promises to enter the top of the best portable chargers for the iPhone in 2021 and 2022.

TopON TOP – X100 96000mAh

This is not just a power bank for a smartphone, laptop or tablet, but a powerful battery for various techniques. 2 car sockets make it possible to charge a portable fan, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, electric pump, and much more. The device supports multiple fast charging technologies, it has protection against overload, overheating, power surges, short circuit and electromagnetic interference.

Indispensable for traveling in the wild, thanks to its sturdy, water and dirt resistant housing. All connectors for connection are also covered with protective covers. There is a powerful flashlight and a convenient carrying handle, because the battery weighs about 3 kg.

Manufacturers guarantee 15 years of operation or 5000 recharge cycles


Wireless station ILoungeMax Wireless Station 4 in 1

Fast portable charger that will charge 4 devices at once, such as IPhone, Apple Watch smartwatch, Air Pods headphones. Made of high quality plastic with a ribbed surface to prevent the devices from slipping while charging. The design of the device allows you to charge your smartphone horizontally and vertically, and all the while charging you can use your gadget – listen to music, play, or watch movies. The charging status of your devices is displayed on a special indicator.

Stylish, comfortable, durable and lightweight, this station fits easily into a small travel bag, so you can use it outside of your home.

Another wireless docking station, the Belkin 3 in 1 Wireless Charger, was designed specifically for Apple devices. Powerful MagSafe magnets guarantee secure attachment of three devices at once and fast, accurate and safe charging.

MagSafe is a magnetically operated wireless charging technology that allows your smartphone to be firmly attached to the charger.

The station is made of expensive high quality materials, and the minimalistic design will perfectly fit into any interior and will not take up much space on your desktop.

It is important to note that this device can only be used with the IPhone 12 series, earlier models are not compatible with it.

Rumor has it that the new iPhone 13 will only charge wirelessly and will not have the usual Lighting connector. Most likely, Apple plans to completely transfer its subsequent devices to MagSafe magnetic charging.

Progress does not stand still

Every year, classic chargers are more and more modified, improved, and acquire various additional functions. You won’t surprise anyone with a solar powered power bank.

And not so long ago, a powerbank was presented, charging from an open fire. Bio Lite has released a device called Camp Stove 2. It consists of a brazier with a thermal generator connected to it and a 2600 mAh battery. There is also a built-in liquid crystal display, which displays all the necessary information – heat level, system power and fan speed. Camp Stove 2 weighs less than a kilogram and costs about $ 130. You can take it with you to a picnic to enjoy grilled meats or vegetables, and charge your smartphone at the same time.

Perpetual motion machine

A student from Belarus came up with a fundamentally new Hand Energy charger, which can accumulate energy by itself and charge gadgets without an outlet.

The development is a small plastic ball that fits easily in the palm of your hand. If you rotate your hand at a fast pace, the rotor inside the ball starts to move and generates energy. There is also a power storage unit – a 1000mAh battery, a Bluetooth transmitter, and USB and microUSB ports. Small-scale production has already been established, and the first customers will soon receive their gadgets.

Although the device was originally conceived as a charger, in the process of working on it, other ideas came up – to use the gadget as a trainer for the muscles of the arms and chest. A special application has been developed, by registering in which you can choose the desired workout, and the application will control the correctness of the movements. And of course, Hand Energy will be charging all this time.

There are also plans to create games that can be controlled through Hand Energy. A certain movement of the hands will correspond to the action in the game – walk, run, jump, etc.

Bad advice

There are many strange tips on the internet on how to charge your smartphone when there is no power source nearby, not even a portable charger. Recommendations are given on how to charge the battery from the ground, from lemons, blows, heating. All of these methods can be unsafe, so we recommend that you use this article to choose a fast portable charger for yourself and always stay connected.