Are there alternatives to the Apple portable charger for iPhone 12?


Apple was in no hurry to launch an external MagSafe battery for iPhone 12. Third-party manufacturers did not waste their time and released a bunch of interesting things. There are ordinary batteries with magnets, you can find them with fast charging, but of all this variety, I liked the Zens with two Qi-coils and a small stand most of all. I bought it.


The battery is made of matte black plastic. A small silicone pad is provided for additional fixation on the smartphone. Without it, the battery would only fly like this: I did not specifically remove the protective film for several hours to check.

Everything is well assembled; the quality is clearly not inferior to the Apple power bank for iPhone 12. It is suitable not only for the iPhone 12 line, but also for any other smartphones, unless you need a magnetic ring for fixing or a case. Moment, for example, has released a case for the iPhone 11, if you do not plan to upgrade to new smartphones, but you want to use accessories with MagSafe.

A USB Type-C connector is provided to charge the Zens battery. The battery can also be used for wired charging if you need faster speed.

There are two buttons for activating wireless charging and a four-bar LED on the case. This makes the Zens battery good: you do not need to plug it into your smartphone as the MagSafe Battery Pack to make sure the battery is charged or not. However, the buttons are a minus. I just want to attach the battery to the smartphone and watch how the charge is replenished.

Often I used the battery not to charge my smartphone, but as a convenient stand for video calls or watching videos. There are already enough alternatives for this: the MOFT wallet with a stand does this task perfectly.

The convenience of use

Of course, using a smartphone with a battery is not as convenient as without it. However, this is a necessary measure, and nothing can be thought of here. Using a smartphone with a cable and an external battery is even less convenient. The only thing would be nice to see ultra-compact batteries as thick as several cards. For emergency recharging of the smartphone, that is it.

The bundle «iPhone 12 Pro Max + case + battery» is also a decent weight. Moreover, such a design will not fit into any pocket, especially if the pocket is narrow.


The battery capacity is 4000 mAh, which should be enough for one and a half full charges of your iPhone. In this regard, the device is not inferior to its main competitor Apple portable charger for iPhone 12. In fact, with all the losses when charging the battery, it is enough for one full charge. In addition, that is not bad! Considering its thickness, two coils, other components are worthy.

In this case, the charging power through the wire can reach 18 watts. Pretty much the maximum the iPhone 12 can get. Wireless charging, however, is limited to 7.5 watts. If you charge two devices at the same time, the speed will be even lower.

Considering Apple’s battery is capable of delivering a maximum of 5W – fine, but Anker has MagSafe certified options if you want fast wireless charging. That is, the iPhone 12 will charge (and only smartphones of this series support fast MagSafe charging) with a power of 15 watts.

Where can I get it?

You can purchase a Zens battery on the manufacturer’s website. The version with two Qi-coils will cost 70 euros, with one – 50 euros. There is an option for 10,000 mAh, but with only 1 wireless charging pad, but with an additional USB Type-A. It costs 100 euros (approximately 8700 rubles).

If you have not appreciated the Apple power bank for iPhone 12 and want something universal, and for charging two devices at once – buy Zens. There are no analogues on the market now.

Perhaps on AliExpress you can find something similar, which is also capable of delivering 15 watts, but I would not advise paying attention to such devices: it is highly likely that not only the battery will suffer, but also the smartphone itself, and in the worst case, there will be a fire. There are tons of similar stories. Buy proven, high-quality batteries, charging adapters and wires – and you will be happy.