How to choose Apple charger for iPhone 4?


The modern rhythm of life forces a person to be constantly in touch and use a mobile phone for more than 7 hours a day. However, sometimes there is not enough charging, which causes discomfort. Nevertheless, there is a way out – external batteries, which is especially important for users of iPhones 4 and 4s.

Features of iPhones 4 and 4s

Despite the fact that now Apple has already released the iPhone X, the iPhone 4s is considered the best gadget model in the entire history of the brand. This is the last phone released before the death of Steve Jobs. What is the peculiarity of the phone? There are 3 important innovations in stock:

  • iCloud service, where you can store a lot of digital information (photos, videos, documents);
  • the voice assistant Siri, thanks to which the search for information has been greatly simplified;
  • improvement of the camera up to 8 megapixels, which made it possible to shoot video in 1080p quality.

Despite these innovations, the battery problem remained. If you use your phone actively, you may not have enough charge for the whole day. Therefore, other developers have already solved this problem with the charger for iPhone 4.

Which power bank to choose for the iPhone 4 / 4s

The choice of an external battery directly depends on the parameters of the gadget.

In the iPhone 4 model, this figure is 1420 mAh, in the iPhone 4s – 1430 mAh. If we take the operating time of the equipment, then the difference between them is 1 hour in favor of the iPhone 4s. Without charging during active work, they are enough for 7 and 8 hours, respectively. To determine the capacity of portable charging, a simple calculation is made. The volume of the gadget’s battery divides the volume of the portable battery. Then they think about how many times a day they will need to recharge their phone approximately, and based on these data, they choose.

There are such types of containers of Apple power bank for iPhone 4:

  • Up to 5000 mAh. An excellent option for those who are not an active user of the gadget, but for safety net you need an additional external battery. The device weighs no more than 110 g. It is enough for 1-2 charges.
  • From 5000 to 10000 mAh. An external battery will charge the gadget from 3 to 7 times to 100%. Weighs about 150-180g.
  • From 10,000 to 20,000 mAh. A power bank with such a capacity is enough for 6-14 charges.

Other important selection criteria include:


1. Compatibility. To do this, look at the indicator of the input and output voltage. On the Apple charger for iPhone 4 and the battery of the smartphone itself, they must match. In the iPhone 4 and 4s, this parameter ranges from 3.5 to 5.5 V. The speed of charging the power bank from the outlet and the phone from the external battery depends on compatibility.

2. Functionality. The main components of a convenient power bank are 1 USB port, LED flashlights (show how much charge is still in the power bank), cable. An additional component can be the second USB port, if you need to charge some other device in addition to the iPhone.

3. Dimensions. Directly depend on the capacity of the device. The higher it is, the heavier and larger the power bank will be. The optimal weight is about 200 g.

What are the advantages of Pineng charger for iPhone 4

Pineng is a new brand for the production of gadget accessories on the Ukrainian market, which specializes in the production of power banks for phones from different manufacturers, incl. and for iPhones. Their products can be verified for authenticity. Another advantage is the well-developed functionality and design.

The products were created using lithium-ion technology. Thanks to her, the device is of high quality and retains an attractive presentation for a long time. Pineng Powerbanks are an excellent choice for iPhone 4 and 4s owners due to their good price-performance ratio!

You can find power banks in different capacities and in different colors and choose the one that will best suit your needs for recharging your iPhone 4.