This huge Apple power bank for iPhone 11. Review and impressions


Don’t you feel like your iPhone 11 Pro Max is running too little?

If you answered yes, then it is not true. Alternatively, you mercilessly squeeze absolutely everything out of your smartphone. You play games non-stop for 5 hours, use the navigator without a cable all day and at the same time do not lower the screen brightness to the maximum.

The main thing: how does the Apple portable charger for iPhone 11 charge? How fast? How good?

I noted above that batteries for the iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max do not fully charge iPhones. Their task is to give the devices about half a charge from the top and not interfere with the owner using the smartphone in their usual rhythm.

As expected, it is comfortable to walk without cables and a dangling “power bank”. You just take it for granted: yes, the iPhone has grown dramatically heavier, but at the same time it is actively charging.

Smart Battery Case is good because it charges the iPhone at the fastest possible speed. The efficiency is high; all three cases of the new series are adjusted to the parameters of the battery.

Hence, we get a quick discharge of the case when “refueling”, say, the iPhone 11 Pro Max. If the charge level of the smartphone is high or full, and the load is not high, then with a charged “case” you can go all day. But if you connect to a half-discharged smart, then after an hour and a half the cover will be discharged to zero.

The Apple portable charger case iPhone 11 has few downsides, but they are thick and heavy

The largest and most “top-end” iPhone – the largest case. It is not just a figure of speech these days: Apple’s battery case is one of the largest, if not the largest iPhone case I have ever worn.

It is fat by himself. Offhand Apple power bank for iPhone 11 is like two and a half iPhone 11 Pro Max. When you walk with a case for a long time, and then take it off, it becomes unusual from what kind of iPhone is actually thin.

It is really heavy. The weight of the Apple portable charger for iPhone 11 is 110 grams. We add them to the iPhone (226 grams) – and we get a sandwich weighing almost 350 grams. To understand, the 2018 iPad Pro weighs 469 grams, while the iPad Mini weighs 300.5 grams.

It is also wide. In addition to the battery and electronics inside, Apple has been striving to achieve complete protection for the inside of the iPhone. The «ribs» in the area of ​​the smartphone frame are twice as thick as those of branded leather or silicone cases.

This was done for a reason. The fall of such a «sandwich» must be somehow extinguished. Indeed, with such a heavy and wrapped “brick” it is easier to break the floor than a smartphone.

Holding the 11 Pro Max in the Smart Battery Case was surprisingly comfortable, and that’s with my small hands. One-handed use is out of the question, there are no revelations.

At the same time, I am not sure that it is logical to complain about the size and weight of the case as a whole. Batteries have always weighed a lot, a miracle simply cannot happen.

Taking into account the increased batteries in the new iPhones and the increased energy consumption of “hardware”, Apple simply would not have made the case significantly thinner or lighter.

Cool tips of Apple portable charger case iPhone 11

Apple would not be Apple if it had not taken the functionality of the case seriously.

Apple Pay and NFC work flawlessly. I did not notice any difference when I paid with an iPhone at the terminals.

This is a serious plus: other battery cases cannot do this, because the battery in them partially or completely overlaps the location of the NFC module inside the smartphone.

Wireless charging is possible, including a case. The Smart Battery Case has its own Qi-compatible coil. Therefore, both the case itself separately, and it with the iPhone together can be powered from any wireless charging platform.

To control the process, there is an LED on the inside of the case. You will not be able to charge the case with a cable and wireless charging at the same time – Lightning always has priority.